We provide quality health care and health-related education to
low income families unable to access mainstream medical or
dental health care in Dallas and Tarrant counties.
1710 Small Street - Grand Prairie, Texas  75050
Your Donations make a real
difference in people's lives!

Many would have no other way of receiving
this much-needed medical or dental treatment.
In fact, we're the only clinic like this in the area.

With recent support of major grants from our community
tide is finally turning in our ability to expand services.
Now we need your help, with individual or
corporate donations, so that we can continue giving
quality service to those
most in need.
Each person we serve is precious to us.
Since it's opening in November 2001, the center has
served 46,340 patients with a total of
$7.36 Million in "medical value."

2012 was a year of rapid growth for GPWC.
A Physician’s Assistant (PA) was assigned to our
medical staff full-time, at no cost to us,
allowing the treatment of many more patients.

Patient visits were 5,068. The value of medical services
provided was $1,382,276.35, both record highs.

The continuity of care, a significant factor in the delivery of
health care, increased dramatically as patients were able to
see the same medical provider each visit in 2013, as was the
case with dental, dental hygienist and chiropractic services.

Our facilities are clean and bright -- staffed
by enthusiastic volunteers.

Most doctors and nurse practitioners
donate their time to serve others.
Consider becoming a part of our
winning team -- changing lives,
and making a difference.
To donate online, simply click
on the green button at the top  of this page.
May God reward you  for your generosity.
Wellness Center Health Center free health and dental for Low Income families, seniors, children.
Grand Prairie Wellness Center
We are now part of the Communities Foundation of Texas' Donor Bridge program online.
You can make donations to GPWC and find out additional information. Click on the Bridge.
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"Volunteer Spotlight"
Each year, we plan to spotlight members of our great volunteer team
and the work they do for the Grand Prairie Wellness Center.
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What People Say About GPWC: (Click below for videos)
Tencha Rodriguez, Executive Director with Chuck Poffenbarger, GPWC
Chairman of the Board and Grants Coordinator, stand at the wall of
plaques showing our "Community Partners."
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